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Why We No Longer Service Regional Beach Accesses

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Walton County has nearly thirty miles of beaches. Almost every beach is serviced by a permitted Walton county beach vendors. The beach accesses range from small neighborhood accesses to the larger regional accesses. The regional beach accesses of Walton County, are the biggest beach accesses. They usually have parking pads and public facilities; like restrooms or showers. While these beach accesses are excellent gathering spots or day destinations for travelers and locals, they have set backs. Below, is why we no longer service regional beach accesses in Walton County.

The Nine Regional Accesses

There are a total of nine regional beach accesses in Walton County. All except one is serviced by one vendor, The South Walton Beach Service Association. The beach service association is comprised of a few large beach chair companies in the area who banded together to create one entity. And the purpose of the entity is to control the presentation of the regional beach accesses in the county. Before the association was formed, residents and guests complained that unoccupied beach chairs were blocking their view. The association was tasked with renting chairs only to beachgoers present. I.E. guests have to be at the beach in order to rent the chairs – no calling ahead and getting. good spot. This means. that guests chairs are not set up until guests arrive, and that they are taken down as soon as guests leave. Herein lies the problem, and begins to explain why we no longer service regional beach accesses.

The Problem

The idea behind the beach service association is great. We at Excel want everyone to enjoy their visit to the beach – regardless of whether they rent chairs from us or not. When visitors travel to our area they boost the local economy and provide livelihoods to an entire region of the coast. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this. But, we are also driven to be the best. And, being the best requires providing the best service. When we take reservations for beach chairs we make every effort to provide the best view, with the most comfortable chair. That means we take care of our products to ensure that they are in great shape for guests. And, that means that we wake up earlier than the next guy so that we can put our guests chairs out there as soon as the county clears each beach. When we can no longer control the product, we cannot control the experience. That is a no sell for us! We want to provide you with the best service available – every time. That means that other people will have to look at the back of your chair, because we got there first and saved you a spot. That may not jive well with some, but its our ethic. And that is why we no longer service the regional beach accesses in Walton County. But that does not mean we have stopped offering beach service.

The Solution

As a result of no longer servicing the regional beach accesses, we have focused elsewhere. Of the nearly 30 miles of beaches, regional accesses make up only a few miles. That leaves a number of local neighborhood beaches to serve you. Also, we provide world class contract / site specific beach chair service in the area. If you are staying in South Walton and need beach chair services – let us know. We will be happy to help find a place for you to access the beach and provide you with the best product and view available. Similarly, if you are part of an association or board and are in need of contract beach service please call me today. I’ll be more than happy to discuss the solutions we provide.

See you on the beach,


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