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Where is Perdido Key, Florida?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

When someone hears the word "key" with regards to a geographical reference, they probably think of a small string of islands off the southern tip of the Florida peninsula. These Keys are world famous and highly popular tourist destinations. If you've made the trip to the Florida Keys before, you know that their beauty is only attained with a huge commitment. Located so far south, these islands are outside of a days drive for most US residents. But! there is a closer option that also offers tropical waters and the Key experience. Perdido Key! If you're reading this then you're likely wondering, "Where is Perdido Key, Florida?"

Perdido Key is located in the Florida panhandle, just southwest of Pensacola. Often considered part of Pensacola, this "Lost Island" is a secluded retreat from the city and offers a completely different experience. As soon as you cross the Theo Baars bridge, you get a sense that you have entered a hidden paradise of vacation rentals and golf enthusiasts. The whole island is only 16 miles long and over half of the island is reserved as federal or state parks land according to Escambia County records. That means that when you step foot onto Perdido Key, you are stepping into a lush natural landscape with only a handful of properties.

Perdido Key is also drivable for most US residents! Located on the gulf front border of Alabama and Florida, this island is easily accessible by car. Plus! Pensacola International Airport is just a short drive for those who prefer to travel by air!

This hidden gem is easily accessible and a great destination for traveling singles or families as it offers a range of shops, restaurants and other great activities! If you are planning on traveling to our beaches in Perdido Key, please feel free to call us for beach service. We proudly service select locations and will be happy to provide the best service available.

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