What to Pack for a Vacation in Perdido Key

Happy New Year! It’s early January and there have nearly 365 fresh opportunities to make more money, spend more time with loved ones. Now is the time of year to begin planning your summer beach vacations. The holidays are past. The family and friend get togethers, dinners, parties, etc are over. The time off is done and now it’s back to business as usual. Bosses. Meetings. Deadlines. Taxes. The word fiscal finding its way into every memo or email. Are you ready for a vacation yet? Thought so. Let me tell you, Perdido Key is a great place to consider. If you have never been - it’s worth a look. We love Destin and 30A, but each area is different. Many people who stay in Perdido Key do so year after year. The quaint, and comparably quiet beach setting is a great escape. If you’re a seasoned Perdido Key beach goer, then you already know what I’m talking about. If you are new to Perdido Key, then you may find this article helpful when planning your trip. Here is a quick guide for what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key.

For starters… sunscreen. Buy sunscreen and use it. The sun here in Florida is extra. It’s like the hot summer sun from your hometown, only more so. This has a lot to do with the water and sand here, but that’s a different blog post. If you’re so inclined, here is a link to ocean safe sunscreens which will keep your skin from roasting and won’t put nasty chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever sunscreen you bring, make sure you give it time to dry on your skin before going in the water. If you don’t it’s just gonna rinse off and only provide minimal sun protection. When you are considering what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key, put sunscreen at the top of the list. You can buy it early and save the retail cost from buying it at a beach store.

The next thing to pack? A backpack cooler! Yeah, you’re welcome. Whether you plan to drink water or something a little more fermented; a padded backpack cooler is a must. Especially if you have kids. You can find a 15 can backpack cooler online for about $50. Why is this so critical when planning what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key? Because you want to enjoy yourself. A backpack cooler means transporting more beach stuff in less trips. That means you can hold the hand of small kids, carry beach gear, or whatever all while toting your food and drinks easily on your back. Then when you leave the beach, you sling it over your shoulders (which are not burnt because of the sunscreen) and head back. Trust me. It’s worth it.

The next thing to consider when deciding what to pack for a vacation Perdido Key depends on what type of property you are staying in. Are you staying in a house? Perhaps a condo? Do you have all major appliances? Can you keep food cold and cook it? If so, then plan on stopping at Publix just off the island to buy food. There isn’t a whole lot of other options in Perdido Key as far as grocers go. We would tell you NOT to pack lots of cold food. For starters, if there is any delay in getting into your vacation rental your food will begin to spoil. That means buying more ice, or screaming at your vacation host to move things along so that you can get your meals into a refrigerator. PLUS, most cleaning companies will open the refrigerator in your property to clean the interior. That means they will leave the doors open and the interior temps will not be optimal upon your arrival. That means, that even if you get in on time or early the food will not get cold right away. Don’t stress yourself out. Buy food after check in - at least cold foods.

Finally, beach chairs. OK, listen - We get it. We are a chair rental company; so we want you to rent chairs from us. Yep, I’ll be honest - that is exactly what we want. But, we are also seasoned locals who have seen a lot of people come and go. One thing we can tell you is that beach chairs, at least those purchased at the beach stores are garbage. And that’s where they end up - quickly. At every public beach access you will see a ton of mangled chair frames crammed into garbage cans and bags. Why? Because they are trash. Beach stores profit by purchasing low quality chairs at rock bottom prices and selling them to you at a … decent price. You buy a handful of chairs at a beach store and hope that a few of them will last throughout your stay. Maybe you get lucky and most or all of them last throughout your stay… then what? Are you gonna haul these cheap-o chairs back home with you? Are you gonna take them camping or to the lake? Maybe… once. Chances are you’ll leave them in the trash. Where they will eventually become landfill. Even if you bring quality chairs from Tommy Bahama or similar, they add weight and take up precious space in your vehicle when traveling or clog hallways or closets in your vacation rental. Don’t burden yourself with that non-sense. Let us set up beach chairs for you; so that you can focus on bringing the people and the things you want to enjoy at the beach. When planning what to pack for a Perdido Key vacation, leave chairs off of the list. Buy toys, souvenirs and t-shirts at the Perdido Key Trading Co. Get your family some uniquely Perdido Key swag to take home with them. Store bought beach chairs are bulky at best and garbage at worst. Our chairs are comfortable and come with a shady umbrella to help keep you cool on hot summer days. We can save a spot for you, when you rent from us. Best of all, you don't have to haul them to and from the beach. When planning what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key, leave beach chairs off the list.

We hope this short list of what to pack for a Perdido Key vacation has been helpful. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to your vacation rental host. Most are associated with local companies or have lots of other great tips to help you enjoy your time at the beach. And, if you need beach service for yourself, your family, or your HOA/COA please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to serve you.

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