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What to Pack for a Vacation in Perdido Key

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Here is a quick guide for what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key.


For starters… sunscreen. Buy sunscreen and use it. The sun here in Florida is extra. It’s like the hot summer sun from your hometown, only more ... sunny. You will get burned if you do not put on sunscreen. Make sure you apply sunscreen every day. Here is a link to ocean safe sunscreens which will keep your skin from roasting and won’t put nasty chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever sunscreen you bring, make sure you give it time to dry on your skin before going in the water. Most sunscreens will have instructions on the back. Wait the appropriate amount of time before going for a swim. If you don’t it’s just gonna right off and leave your precious epidermis exposed to the sun. When you are considering what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key, put sunscreen at the top of the list.

Backpack Cooler

The next thing to pack? A backpack cooler! Not just a cooler, but a cooler that is also a backpack. Not a cooler with a strap either. Make sure it's a backpack cooler. Whether you plan to drink water or something a little more fermented; a padded backpack cooler is a must. Especially if you have kids. You can pack drinks, snacks, food (insulin) and more in an easy to carry cooler. You can find a backpack cooler online for about $50. It's genius. Regular coolers will murder your shoulders, calves and back. Trying to lug a cooler to the beach (or worse, back to the vacation rental) is a horrible chore that you reserve for son in laws. What makes backpack coolers so legit? The fact you can carry a cooler and leave your hands free. This means you can hold your kids hand so the little maniac doesn't sprint thru the parking lot. It means you can carry more, in less trips. That means less time getting to the beach, and more time at the beach. Trust me. I was a back-pack cooler denier but the science is legit. Take it from someone who is on the beach all year long - the backpack cooler is a game changer and must be included in your shortlist of what to pack for a vacation to Perdido Key.

Toilet Paper

The next thing to consider when deciding what to pack for a vacation Perdido Key: toilet paper. Most vacation rentals will come with a starter kit of toilet paper and include one or two rolls per bathroom. Are you staying in a house? Perhaps a condo? How many people are staying with you? It won't last long, and then you'll find yourself staring glumly at an empty roll in your greatest time of need. And, it will be midnight. Instead of putting yourself in that position, buy it early and bring it with you.


If you've never stayed in a vacation rental then you should know that condos and homes are very different than a hotel. In a hotel, a nice lady (or guy) will clean your room every day and leave fresh soaps and stuff for you. In a house or condo, you won't have that. A hotel is made for you to sleep there over night then hit the road. A house or condo are designed for you to stay a week without being interrupted. Even if you don't stay a week, you're gonna be in for a day or two at minimum. That means multiple showers. Lots of washing hands. Doing dishes. Unless you want to let your freak flag fly all week, grab some toiletries before the trip down. Most grocery stores will have travel cases or generic small bottles made for shampoo and soap. So, make sure that you bring what you need. When planning what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key - make sure you bring the soap.

Common Courtesy

You and your family are going to have a great time in Perdido Key. It's a small beach town with lots of local flavor and nice folks. Don't stress out over your packing list, and don't overthink your daily calendar. Whether you are traveling alone, with your partner, or as a family; remember that you paid for this vacation so that you can enjoy it. The same with every nearly everyone else that you'll see at the beach every day. Remember to be courteous and have a good time. When you plan what to pack for a vacation in Perdido Key, be sure to bring your most relaxed self. And, be prepared to spend time lazing under an umbrella and relaxing by the surf. Enjoy the time away from stress and work if you can, and if you can't let the people around you.

We Are Here to Help

If you need any beach chairs while you are here, please feel free to call us. We provide rental beach chairs and umbrellas in Perdido Key and the surrounding area. We operate every day from March to October and will be more than happy to help you and your family have the best time possible in our area.

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