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What To Do In Perdido Key

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Undoubtedly, you've chosen Perdido Key because of it's beautiful beaches, and seclusion. In fact the name, "Perdido Key" actually means "lost island" in Spanish. And, this place is the perfect place to get lost. Located on the southern end of Escambia county, this gem is separated from mainland Pensacola by a narrow waterway called Big Lagoon. And, as the name suggests this island is the perfect escape from the hustle of your daily grind!

#1 Relax on the Beach

We all know that the beach is the biggest reason to visit this island getaway. It goes without saying that visiting and spending extended time on the beach would be the first thing on the list for all travelers. No matter what else you get into during your vacation to the island you will want to focus primarily on securing a comfortable spot on the sand for you and yours to serve as home base. When you visit our island please feel free to contact us for comfortable beach chairs and a shady umbrella. We currently serve all guests staying at the Palacio Condominiums and are happy to serve you too, if you are fortunate enough to stay here. Please call us to secure chairs and umbrellas or to discuss managing your beach property nearby. We will be ready to help.

#2 Parasailing

Imagine sitting atop the world under a wind-swollen parachute. The wind gently carrying you high over the surface of the Emerald Coast's pristine waters and your favorite people sitting right beside you. Taking in some of the most breath-taking views. From this vantage point your phone likely won't demand so much attention and your worries won't reach you. Those who participate in this exciting activity often brag of dolphin and wildlife vistas and come back with a rejuvenated spirit. When visiting Perdido Key make sure to check out this iconic activity.

#3 Dolphin Cruise

If heights aren't your thing (I totally understand!) then consider taking a private dolphin cruise with one of several local captains. Typically, these excursions will take place early in the morning while the wind blows offshore and the local fauna feeds on small crustaceans who are resetting after the receding tides. Playful bottlenose dolphins can be seen cruising the clear waters in search of breakfast and swimming in the wake of passing boats.

#4 Kayaking

Instead of plummeting over rocky falls and battling white water, imagine paddling gently over small swells of emerald toned water as it makes its way lazily to the shore. Then imagine the surprise on your children's faces as curious sea turtles glide underneath or game fish parade underneath in search of small prey. Or, imagine landing slot red fish or pompano from your small watercraft. Whatever your passion or intention, a kayak is a fun way to explore the sun soaked waters of Perdido Key and a must for all travelers to this hidden paradise. If you are visiting the Palacio, we offer Kayak rentals from our beach hut and will be glad to assist you. For more information call or text us today!

Whether you opt for excitement or leisure on your upcoming trip to Perdido Key, we are happy to help provide local knowledge and southern hospitality to you. If we can help you have a better vacation please feel free to contact us. And, for any owners or managers looking to add a friendly face to their beach service; we would be happy to discuss our services with you and provide your guests with the experience they deserve.

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