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What is Code Enforcement?

Most beaches in Destin and South Walton, typically do not allow vehicles to drive on the sand. (Exceptions to this rule include Grayton Beach.) But, every morning there are tire tracks running parallel to the Gulf all along the coast. If the beaches don’t allow people to drive on them, who is leaving the tire tracks, when are they happening, and what are the people doing who are leaving them?

Code Enforcement

Okaloosa (Destin/Okaloosa Island) and Walton Counties have taken steps to ensure that local ecosystems and tourist attracting landscapes are unspoiled. Being that our beaches are home to a number of plant and animal species, certain care must be taken. One way in which they do this is through restricted gas powered vehicle usage on the beach. Other than permitted beach vendors such as Excel Watersports, the only ones allowed to drive on the beach are County officials and enforcers. That usually refers to local Law and Code Enforcement officers. The police will typically drive the beaches during the day to provide security and ensure that our family friendly environment is maintained. And, the Code Enforcement officers at night, to ensure that plant and animal species are secure.

“Leave No Trace”

Code Enforcement officers drive grey colored trucks and bear a resemblance to other enforcement vehicles. But the sole purpose of these officers is to clean and maintain the all ordinances pertaining to the beach. That doesn’t mean that they are janitors – because they are not. It simply means that they ensure that the standards of a world class beach are upheld, and that everyone plays by the rules to keep the beach looking beautiful. The downside of that job is to discard any items left on the beach. Meaning, if you bring down an expensive canopy and leave it on the beach after dark they will throw it away. This, according to Ordinance No. 2016-16: “Leave No Trace.” For more information on this ordinance you can call Beach Code Enforcement (850) 267-1216.

With this in mind, please be aware that Excel can alleviate the stress of carrying heavy and clumsy items to the beach and back. Instead of hauling it down and back, let me set up some beach chairs and umbrellas for you. It’ll save space in your car and cut back on time spent dragging things to and from the beach.

For any of your beach related needs: chairs, umbrellas, paddle boards, etc. Give us a call or send me an email.

(850) 420-8062

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