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How to Refurbish Beach Chairs on The Emerald Coast


The Emerald Coast is a picturesque stretch of white sand beaches and emerald green waters, and a haven for beachgoers. Vacationers and locals alike enjoy the serenity of lounging in beach chairs, soaking up the sun, and taking in the stunning views of Destin, 30-A, Pensacola and Gulf Shores. However, these beach chairs, continuously exposed to the harsh coastal elements, are prone to corrosion and malfunction if not maintained. This blog post highlights the importance of refurbishing beach chairs along the Emerald Coast to ensure their longevity and functionality.

Grant refurbishing beach chairs at the Excel warehouse in Santa Rosa Beach

The Threat of Corrosion and Malfunction

Beach chairs, like any other outdoor furniture, are at the mercy of the elements. The brief encounters with saltwater, full exposure to salty air, high humidity, and intense sunlight along the Emerald Coast can speed up the process of corrosion and breakdown in beach chairs. Over time, this can lead to the weakening and eventual malfunction of beach chairs, making them unsafe for use. Keep in mind that refurbishing is more than just sanding and re-sealing. The fabric needs to be treated or replaced too.

Moreover, the visual appeal of corroded and malfunctioning beach chairs can detract from the otherwise beautiful coastal scenery. Given that the Emerald Coast's beauty is one of its main draws, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the beachfront is crucial for both tourism and local enjoyment.

A freshly refurbished beach chair standing  in front of a stack of beach chairs.
Refurbish your beach chairs to keep them looking fresh!

How to Refurbish Beach Chairs

The process of refurbishing beach chairs is pretty straight forward. A chair is comprised of a wooden frame held together with steel or aluminum bindings with plastic spacers, and sunbrella fabric which provides the seating area. These components need to be repaired or replaced annually to make sure that the chairs continue to be functional. At Excel, we wash the chairs as soon as they come off of the beach. We clean the fabric, the wood, the bindings - all of it. After washing, and allowing time for them to dry, pull the staples, which hold the fabric to the chairs. Determine if the fabric can be salvaged and if so, put it to the side for later. With the staples completely removed, we inspect the chair to find any breaks, cracks or imperfections that would make the chair unusable. When the dried chair is deemed useful, we sand it down to a smooth clean surface. Then, we reseal the chairs by hand. After the sealant has a chance to dry, we sand rough or bubbled areas and apply a second coat of sealant. The sealing process typically takes a few days, so that you can get to all areas of the chair. Once the chairs are sealed and sanded it's time to replace the fabric with fresh staples. The process takes approximately two days per chair, but goes a long way to ensure the functionality and appearance of the chair.

a silhouette of Grant applying sealant as part of refurbishing beach chairs
Refurbishing your chairs by hand and tool is preferable

Refurbishing Practices

The refurbishing process involves thorough cleaning, repairing, replacing parts, and re-sealing. It's essential to use corrosion-resistant materials for repairs, such as stainless steel or aluminum and weather resistant fabric. That's why we, at Excel Beach Service, refurbish our chairs in house and by hand. This gives us the option to find and correct issues before they become major issues. Additionally, applying a protective coating by hand can further enhance the chair's resistance to the elements and proper function.

Regular/Annual inspection is a key part of maintenance. This allows for early detection of potential issues and timely repairs, preventing small problems from escalating into major malfunctions.

sanding chair armrest so that the beach chair can be refurbished


Refurbishing beach chairs along the Emerald Coast is a necessity rather than a luxury. It ensures the safety of beachgoers, contributes to environmental sustainability, and supports the local economy. By investing in regular refurbishment, we can continue to enjoy the simple pleasure of lounging in a sturdy, comfortable beach chair, taking in the beauty of the Emerald Coast.

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