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How to Rent Beach Chairs on 30-A

How to Rent Beach Chairs on 30-A

It is now June. The summer vacation season is well underway and now travelers are preparing to make the most of their time on the beach. From Miramar Beach to Seacrest Beach, the South Walton or 30-A area offers some of the most beautiful coastline in the United States. Couple that natural beauty with the warm air, cool and calm water. Clearly, you’d be hard-pressed not to enjoy yourself. Unless you forget to rent beach chairs. You can save a few bucks and skip the chair rental and sweat your vacation away. Or you can relax under a large umbrella and sit on red oak and canvas beach chairs. The question is not whether to rent beach chairs or not. The question is how to rent beach chairs on 30-A.

Gulf Front?

In order to know how to rent beach chairs on 30-A you need to decide which beach you are going to use. 30-A is home to a number of public beach accesses. But, South Walton also has a large number of homes directly on the beach. If you are staying in a gulf front home or condo, first check to see if that building offers beach service. If they do, then you will want to secure beach service through that vendor. Some do not. For those who do not, you can search out a company like Excel Beach Service to put the chairs and umbrellas out for you.

Walk to the Beach?

If you are staying in a property (home or condominium) that is not directly on the beach you will most likely use one of the county public beach accesses. To secure your beach chairs and umbrellas, call or email us today. Just be sure to check with your vacation rental company or the owner of the property to see if they already have a contracted service. If not – feel free to call us right away!

Excel offers beach service from Destin to Seacrest Beach. If you need to know how to rent chairs on 30-A, or anywhere else in our area contact us today!

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