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Can I Take My Dog to The Beach on 30-A?

I often get asked, “Can I take my dog to the beach on 30-A?” The sandy white beaches and crystal-clear water has always been the main treasure of South Walton. In fact, these paradise beaches are what brought over 3.5 million people in 2016. Typically, we experience these enjoyable vacations with our family or friends, but what about dog owners?

Can I Get a Pet Permit?

It’s always nice to share those sunny days with your furry companion. So, it begs the question – Can my dog experience the sandy beaches as well? Walton County actually requires a Dog on the Beach Permit for any dog owner. Which, sadly, is only available to property owners and residents of South Walton. Disappointing it may be, the regulations help protect our beaches and everyone that visits them. Even with the permit, there is strict guideline put in place to maintain the beaches. Dogs must be leashed, you must pick up any waste, and they can only visit during certain hours.

Do I Have to Leave My Dog at Home?

Just because our furry friends can’t visit the beach, doesn’t mean they can’t have fun! There’s plenty of other options out there for you and your dog to enjoy. Topsail Hill State Park and Longleaf Greenway Trail are great places to hike or bike. A lot of restaurants with outdoor seating are dog friendly too, like Local Catch, Great Southern, and The Craft Bar. If your dog loves swimming, take them stand-up paddle boarding at the coastal dune lakes! So, you don’t have to leave your loving companion behind this vacation. Bring them along and let them enjoy some fun in the sun right here in South Walton.

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