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Best Valentines Day Present

Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, and Valentines Day. These are the four major dates that couples don’t want their partner to screw up (forget about). Also, fudging these special days can land you in a world of resentment and possibly on the couch. So, guys, what did you get your partner? If you’re “still looking for the best valentines day present,” you’re running out of time. Or, maybe you’re already on lock in that department, but you could use something to take the day/night to the next level.

A Walk in the Park

Last minute planning can sometimes be stressful, but no worries! There’s plenty of stuff to do with your loved ones in South Walton. Whether it’s just you and your partner or the whole family, the options are abundant. A good way to start out your loved filled day, is a stroll through Eden State Gardens. Filled with giant live oaks and freshly bloomed camellias, you can’t go wrong. Take a peek into the historic Wesley Mansion and go back in time to 1897. This beautiful picturesque scenery definitely sets the mood for a delightful Valentine’s. But, this isn’t the best Valentine’s Day present!

Wine and Dine

Fine food and atmosphere is always a great option: here’s a few excellent choices. Surfing Deer, located in Seagrove at the corner of 30A and 395 directly across the street from the Gulf of Mexico. Surfing Deer has a special Valentine’s Day five course meal that’ll leave you and your date more than satisfied. For a fun family meal, the Melting Pot in Destin is the place to be. From artistic cheeses to signature salads, Melting Pot will have your taste buds singing. Lastly, if you’re looking for the classic steak dinner that will exceed all expectations, Seagar’s Prime Steaks & Seafood will not disappoint. But, this isn’t the best Valentine’s Day present either.

Quality Time

The best Valentine’s Day present is always time together. Sounds lame – it’s true. Take your pick from the above listed, but make sure you spend time with your partner and your family if possible. Diamonds are great. Flowers are cool. But, those things don’t last and they can always be replaced. Relationships aren’t built on diamonds and flowers. Relationships are made of moments spent together. Make it a habit this year to spend more time together and celebrate special days by hanging out with the people that are important to you.

Excel offers a host of services to provide the atmosphere to relax. From beach chair rentals to beach bonfires: we can help set the mood. If we can help you set aside some time to spend with your favorite people, let us know!

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