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Beach Chair Rentals in Destin


Finding beach chair rentals in Destin is not difficult. With so much coastline and everyone advertising online, a quick Google search will give you more beach chair rental providers than you can count. But, finding good service is very difficult. With so many beach chair vendors and an aggressive market – everyone fighting over a few prized beach spots – the bigger companies don’t care if their employees treat you well or not. They just want the beach, and they just want the money. In order to keep the beach, they have to have a person there to occupy the space and sell beach chair rentals. The guy or girl selling the beach chairs has little no no interest in the betterment of the company; so they have little to no interest in your experience. As a result, you get decent chairs and horrible service.

Excel is different. Your interaction with Excel Beach Service will be with one of a few owner operators who have a real investment in the company, and will therefore treat you better. Whomever you speak with in this organization will understand the value of each customer and provide the best service they can.

There will always be mistakes – it’s unavoidable. But, at Excel we understand that it is what we do to correct the mistakes that makes for great service. And that is the motivation for our company, and the reason for the name. We believe that better service is worth the effort, because we make the company what it is. Your interaction with Excel may not always be perfect – but it will always be the best service around.

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