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Beach Chair Rentals Along 30-A

Beach Chair Rentals Along 30-A

Not too long ago, there was no 30-A. There was a road called County Hwy 30-A, which ran from the west end of Santa Rosa Beach to the east end of Walton County. But, the area was not called, “30-A”. The area was dubbed 30-A within the past decade, and has since become synonymous with luxury accommodations and experiences. As such, large numbers of travelers seek out this area and expect first class vacations and amenities. One such amenity is beach service. Beach chair rentals along 30-A are a must – and adding this amenity to your vacation rental or investment property is a powerful marketing tool!

Beach Chair Rentals, which typically include 2 wood and canvas chairs and 1 beach umbrella typify the luxury and expectation of the area. Pre-Arranged beach chair rentals imbue a sense of relaxation, because the arrangements have already been made and whether the cost of the amenity is built into the rate or not frees guests from having to seek out a reputable vendor. By adding beach service to your rental – you are giving your guests time. You’re saving them time before and during their stay, and that sets your property apart from others that do not offer this amenity. It’s a marketing homerun! Especially considering most popular search engines like VRBO and HomeAway highlight those amenities!

If you’re considering providing or are looking for beach chair rentals along 30-A (or Miramar Beach!) call us today. We offer great services, including beach bonfires at competitive rates and are always easy to work with.

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