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Beach Bonfire at Pompano Joe’s

Before the busy season began, I took the opportunity to steal my family from their daily and nightly routines to spend some time outside the home. We had a beach bonfire at Pompano Joe’s Public Beach Access – and it was worth it. Sure, it helped me purge an overage of dried wood and gave me a good excuse to light a permitted fire on the beach. But, something resonated with me while my family and I were sitting around the fire talking. There’s something tribal or communal about bonfires. Maybe it’s because there are no distractions – or more likely it’s because the fire is a distraction from all the minutiae. That’s to say that it distracts from all the stuff that we cram into our every day. All the stuff that is both important and unimportant to survival.  A bonfire is a good excuse to put the phone down (unless you’re posting about the fire and family time, in which case feel free to tag us #excelbeachservice or @excelbeachservice) and relax.

Beach Bonfire = Good Distraction

My family had a great time catching up and slowing down. Telling jokes and listening stories over s’mores with chocolatey fingers and wide grins. That’s something that can’t be done anywhere else. That’s what makes a beach bonfire so great – and that is a big part of the reason we at Excel offer beach bonfires. It helps distract families and friends from the business of their daily grind and gives them an excuse to slow down. It can help you too!

When you travel to our area, let us create a bonfire experience for you and your friends or family. We will take care of the process of securing the permit. We will bring the supplies for the fire and the s’mores. We will clean up afterward. You bring the stories. You enjoy the jokes and the fire. You make the memories.

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