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Avoid Ruining Your Vacation This Labor Day

How To Avoid Ruining Your Vacation This Labor Day

Monday, September 3rd is Labor Day. And, on the beaches of Destin, Miramar Beach and along 30-A Excel Beach Service is will be putting out beach chairs and umbrellas for travelers looking to make the most of their long weekend. Even though we’re not quite into fall, the beaches will be significantly less crowded than we have seen for the past four months. But, that does not mean that the beaches will be empty. Many vacation rental companies say bookings are strong through the weekend. That means you can expect others on the beach and you will want to make arrangements to avoid un-necessary stress this weekend. Too often, visitors stress themselves out and waste their vacation time with by making one easily avoidable mistake. One mistake that can lead to a less than desirable experience. Here’s how to avoid ruining your vacation this Labor Day.

The High Cost of Saving Money

Your vacation time should be spent relaxing. If you’re not going to relax then there’s no point in taking a vacation. Relaxing takes different forms, but its most prominent symptom is lack of stress. Some people jog or exercise to relax. For me a nice jog through 30-A’s Hiking Trail is a great way to get away and focus my mind. You may be similar –

The biggest and most un-necessary time waster is the mistake of hauling stuff to and from the beach. When you decide to bring chairs, umbrellas, tents or canopies to the beach, you begin wasting time even before arriving at your vacation destination. As soon as you cram those chairs, umbrellas, tents or canopies into your car you’ve begun a process of un-necessary time waste. Because, you now have to worry about transport, installation, light maintenance of the gear during your vacation and possibly afterward too, and potentially not being able to use them at all if the beach is restrictive. After arriving at your destination you have to get it out of the car and put it somewhere easily accessible; so that you then haul it down to the beach. Once you get it to the beach (often times down narrow beach boardwalks weaving through other beachgoers) you have to put up the tents, umbrellas, canopies and chairs. Then, when you’re ready to go back to your rental property you have to break it all down and haul it back to the property so that it’s not discarded by Code Enforcement. How much time do you lose doing that every day? Too much!

Take Back Your Vacation!

You may think that you’re being financially savvy – but you’re really trading low costs for wasted time. Instead of wasting time hauling your stuff to and from your home town, or to and from your rental property let Excel set up some chairs and umbrellas for you. Instead of kicking up your blood pressure – kick off your flip flops and walk down to the chairs we have ready for you. Don’t waste your weekend. Spend a little more and get back your vacation time!

Instead of budgeting time for manual labor, find other enjoyable activities; or just kick back, relax and enjoy the comfortable shade of one of our beach chair set-ups.

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