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A Unique Experience: Beach Bonfires

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, we all enjoy circling around a crackling fire, chowing down on some sticky marshmallows, and sharing stories. The fire not only warms you from the crispy cool air, but also warms your heart. There’s always been something delightful about sitting around a blazing flame. The fire wrapping you in a blanket of warmth as you enjoy each other’s company. Now imagine the same scenario, but this time with waves crashing in the background as the moon reflections off the water. This is an experience unique to Walton County! Surprisingly only two counties in Florida allow bonfires on the beach! If you’re visiting South Walton, then you’re in luck! The only two places you can combine both bonfires and beaches in Florida are Walton county and one other by Daytona. Beach bonfires are a unique experience!

How To Get A Bonfire

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting everything up, then contact Excel Beach Service. We’ll provide everything necessary and more, but don’t forget to bring the marshmallows! If you’re wanting to do your own bonfire, all you need is a: bonfire permit, fire pit, wood, materials to maintain the fire, necessary materials to extinguish the fire and properly dispose of the remnants so that there is no trace. It’s not so easy to enjoy yourself if you have to do all the work! You can hold the beach bonfire at any public beach access, or you can let Excel do all that for you! Once your bonfire is done, please remember to extinguish the fire and cleanup afterwards. This entails more than just taking everything off the beach.

The Experience

Walton County has always been known for it’s unique beaches. And, beach bonfires are a unique experience! You may never consider what happens when the sun goes down. The beauty of our dazzling beaches doesn’t disappear with the sun. In fact, you get to experience a whole different side of the emerald coast. Watch as the sky is painted with hues of red and orange as the sun sinks beneath the horizon. Slowly, Blue skies are replaced with starry nights. The beaming sun becomes an elegant and gently moon. Theusual loud and crowded beach is now peaceful and serene. While you may think bonfires as a winter activity, they are just as enjoyable in the summer. The cool breeze from the gulf can definitely make a bonfire desirable. The deliciousness of sticky sweet smores doesn’t change with the season either! Our emerald green waters and squeaky white sands are incredible to experience as is. Now just imagine combining two wonderful experiences such as bonfires and our beaches. So, next time you’re in South Walton, consider adding a beach bonfire on your to- do list!

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