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Why You Need Help With a Bonfire on the Beach

Beach Bonfires Are A Unique Experience

A beach bonfire, surrounded by friends and/or loved ones, with some music, marshmallows or s’mores and comfortable beach chairs is one of the best experiences you can have in the Destin, Miramar or South Walton area. There’s something about a controlled fire in a relaxing environment that sparks conversation and brings people together. Perhaps it’s the warmth and comfort of a fire that cuts the chill of the coastal night wind. Whatever it is, it’s a unique experience and definitely something you have to try – and Excel can help.

Why Do You Need Help With Bonfires?

But, why do you need help with a beach bonfire? The simple answer is, “so that you can enjoy it!” The event of a bonfire is pretty simple: keep the fire going and make sure everyone is comfortable. But getting the permit, working it out with the property owner (if you want to have it at your beach house), getting approval and securing all the necessary materials, providing seating, and then cleaning up afterward (the worst!) is not something you want to do. So let us take care of all that stuff – while you and yours enjoy the fire – we will get the permit, start the fire, keep it going, provide what you need (we can provide extra services for special events) and then once it’s over you go home and we clean up. That is the only thing better than the bonfire: not having to clean up afterward.

When you make plans to have a bonfire in the Destin area – call us. We can get you set up at the Pompano Joes beach access and make it an easy and enjoyable experience that you will want to repeat every year!

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