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Helpful Hints For The Beach: #1 Don't Feed The Seagulls.

a seagull in flight, eating a corn chip from a man's hand

Hey, beachgoers! We've seen a number of really cool photos of an outstretched hand feeding seagulls, and we wanted to take a minute to discuss this topic: feeding the seagulls. Yes, we know it's tempting to share your Doritos with these feathered friends. But trust us, feeding them can have some gnarly consequences. In this blog post, we'll dive into why you should not feed the seagulls in Destin, 30-A, Perdido Key, Gulf Shores or any beach for that matter. So, sit back, relax, and let's get into it.

Seagulls are Sus

First of all, those wonderful seagulls that you love to feed are not as nice as they seem. These birds are scavengers and opportunistic feeders known to beg for food and do unexpected things when they don't get it. They will flock to anyone holding a bag of chips or a sandwich. You might think it’s cute when they eat from your hand, but feeding these birds only teaches them to become more aggressive, and this can become a significant issue when people start to suffer injuries.

Feeding Seagulls is Illegal

If their aggressive behavior doesn't do it for you, how about the fact that feeding them is also illegal? In 2020, Okaloosa County banned feeding birds at the beach. Anyone found to be doing so could see a pretty hefty fine (between $100-350). Doesn't seem like a cute idea if it could cost more than your beach chairs.

The Doo Doo

Another crucial reason we advise not feeding these birds is for our health. Their dookie poses a health risk to human beings. Seagull poop is not only gross it can make you sick. E.coli, salmonella, and a host of respiratory infections are found in their turds. And, when you get pooped on by a bird (or a flock of birds) it's freaking disgusting. When you feed one they all come to check out what you have, and that's when they poop on people, beach chairs and umbrellas.

Its Bad For Their Guts

The food we eat is bad for us; so it should go without saying that it's really bad for seagulls. You may think that you're doing them a favor by giving them your crumbs, but you're not. When they consume our unhealthy food items it releases toxins in their systems, and elevates cholesterol levels this can cause death, discomfort or various health issues. Plus, these birds are extremely annoying; so don't encourage them to flock to you. The allure wears thin pretty quickly when the chips are gone and you have 30 flying scavengers ready to pay out retribution for a lack of tribute.

Just Say No

We get wanting to experience feeding seagulls when at the beach, but these little scavengers can hurt themselves and us when we feed them. So, please think twice before feeding the seagulls in Destin, 30-A, Perdido Key, Gulf Shores, or any beach. Not only is it illegal and causes aggressive behavior, but it also affects their diet and poses a health risk to humans. Let them hunt for their food - not steal yours.

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