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Can I Rent Beach Chairs at the Amalfi Coast in Miramar Beach?

Are Beach Chair Rentals Available at the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast Resort is a private community located directly across from the beach in Miramar Beach, Florida. The resort offers two large pools, tennis courts, charcoal grills at various locations around the facility, well manicured grounds and private gated access. For many years, the Amalfi Coast boasted private gated beach access as well, with owners and guests having exclusive rights to the 300 feet of beach located directly across the road from the resort. With a large gazebo perfect for sitting and watching the waves and a few dirt and shell parking spots. The resort is still an excellent vacation destination, but the exclusive access to that stretch of beach is no longer restricted to the owners and guests of the resort. Does that mean that there are no longer beach chairs for rent to the owners and guests of the resort? This blog seeks to answer the question of whether beach chair rentals are available (for anyone) at the newly dubbed Loggerhead’s (we’ll call it Amalfi Coast) public beach access.

Who Can Rent

Now that the beach access has been made public, the county has a number of improvements planned for the beach access. If they end up paving the shell and dirt parking spots, removing the gate and gazebo and placing restrooms at the beach access will there still be beach chair rental vendors available down on the sand? The short answer is yes.

With almost every public beach access there are vendor zones, which permit beach chair vendors to place beach chairs twenty feet from the high water line for paying customers. As such, you will still be able to rent beach chairs at the public beach access. Regardless of whether you are a guest of the Amalfi Coast Resort or not.

So call us! We will put a set of beach chairs and an umbrella out for you.

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