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What is Beach Service?

Perhaps, this should have been the first blog attributed to this page about beach service. But! a wise adage has always asserted that, “it is better late than never.”

What Is Beach Service?

When you peruse the inventory of local vacation rental companies, or leaf through the literature provided by beachside HOA’s to their members you will likely find information in some form or fashion regarding beach service. This popular and highly sought amenity is gaining traction and adding value to property through guest experience. It is a common request from frequent visitors to the Gulf Coast, and an expectation from those who pay top dollar for first class accommodation. Any time there is a quality home, the anticipation is that it will offer premier amenities to match. That premier amenity (along with updated kitchens, functional common areas, specialty items pertinent to the home), is beach service.

Not Just Chairs & Umbrellas

So, what is beach service? It is not simply a comfortable wooden and canvas chair slapped down on the beach with a large umbrella; it is actually much more. Beach Service in it’s truest and most accurate definition is the professional, personal, and punctual presentation and purvey of beach front accommodations. It’s not the chairs, it’s the people. At Excel, beach service is the person you talk to when you reserve. It is the person you speak to when locating your set-ups, request other set’s from, or help resolve issues with. Beach Service is the person – who like a good waiter – is quick to assist but stays out of your way as much as possible so that you can enjoy yourself and those you came to the beach with. At least that is how we see it at Excel.

When you make plans to rent chairs at the beach, or sign up a new beach contractor. Don’t just get the chairs, get the professionals from Excel.

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