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The Best Beach Accesses for People in Wheelchairs on 30-A

The Best Beach Accesses with Wheelchair Access on 30-A

Vacationing is something that everyone should be able to enjoy. Regardless. The soft white quartz sand, and calm Gulf of Mexico waters have a calming rhythm that soothes the souls of countless travelers, natives and newly relocated locals. People travel from across the country and some from other countries to see the beaches on 30-A. And, when they get here they should be able to get down to the beach – even if they have limited mobility. Fortunately, Walton County has several beach accesses that provide the necessary access points and below you’ll find a list we’ve compiled of the best beach accesses for people in wheelchairs on 30-A.

Excel Beach Chair Delivery Service Logo over an aerial photo of Santa Clara Beach Access 17

Santa Clara Regional Access #17

Located just east of Seaside, Santa Clara Regional Beach Access has only one means of access to the beach – a ramp. This makes it possible for anyone to access the beach in a safe and appropriate way. Also, there are a number of parking spots and restrooms at the base of the access. The beach here is frequented by a number of local neighborhoods and is a drop off point Prominence and other large communities. Also, you will find showers, and bike racks here.

Van Ness Butler Jr. Regional Access ADA Approved Public Beach Access Ramp in Seaside Florida, Van Ness Public Beach Access

Van Ness Butler Jr. Regional Beach Access

Situated between Seaside and Watercolor, Van Ness Beach Access offers easy access via stair or ramp. Also, this access is one of the most popular spots on 30-A. There is parking located directly across the street, and bike racks. Bathrooms can be a bit far from this access; so you’ll want to plan accordingly. It is ideal for pedestrians from local neighborhoods but welcoming to those who will drive cars or golf carts. When you’re ready to leave you’ll find local shops and restaurants nearby.

Aerial view of Ed Walline Public Beach Access in Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Ed Walline Regional Beach Access

Next on the list is Ed Walline Beach Access in Santa Rosa Beach. Located directly across the street from Shunk Gulley and Gulf Place on 30-A, this access boasts several unique features. They not only have public restrooms, showers, bike rack and parking, but lookout tower, access ramp, and a life guard station too. If you bring your own food and need a grill, bring charcoal and use the grilling area at Ed Walline. Plus, at the base of the access ramp you’ll find a blue runner that allows folks with limited mobility even greater access to the sand.

Aerial View of Dune Allen Beach public beach access with Excel Beach Chair Company Rental and Delivery Logo

Dune Allen Regional Beach Access

Fourth on the list is Dune Allen Regional Beach Access. Located in Dune Allen Beach, just south of Oyster Lake on 30-A, this access has restrooms, showers, several parking spots, a dedicated lifeguard, and an access ramp. There are no stairs at this access. This access has limited parking, but is a great access point for local neighborhoods who can walk or ride to it quickly. Often you’ll find overflow parking along 30-A to the west.

Plans for new beach access across from Stinky's Fish Camp on 30-A

Stinky’s Beach Access

Last on our list is a new access in Dune Allen Beach directly across the street from Stinky’s Fish Camp. While, I don’t think the name will be Stinky’s Beach Access – I’m going to refer to it as the Stinky’s Access because of how incredible the food is at this place. If you’re on 30-A, you’ve got to check out their full bar and menu items. The new access is set to finish later this year (2019) and is to include several parking spots, restrooms, showers and best of all a ramp leading down to the beach. They’re nearing completion on this and were originally slated for completion in October.

This is list of best beach accesses for people in wheelchairs on 30-A also includes a link to our services at each beach. When you travel to our area feel free to contact us for beach chairs, beach bonfires and more!

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