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Renting Beach Chairs at Coral Reef Club in Destin, Florida - It's Easier Than You Think!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

people enjoying the beach chairs behind Coral Reef Club
Beach chairs and umbrellas at Coral Reef Club

Are you visiting the beautiful white sand beaches of Destin, Florida? Well, you’re in luck! There’s no better way to enjoy your beach day than by lounging on a cozy beach chair with some shade. But how do you rent a beach chair for the day at Coral Reef Club without breaking the bank? Read on for our guide on how to rent beach chairs at Coral Reef Club in Destin, Florida!

Where to Find Beach Chair Rentals at Coral Reef Club

The good news is that it is super-easy find beach chair rentals at Coral Reef Club. The most obvious option is just walking up to the beach and asking one of the attendants if they have any available beach chairs. They will, and can point you to an open set right away.

What Do I tell the Attendant to Get Chairs?

At the Coral Reef Club, your first set of chairs (2 chairs and 1 umbrella) are complimentary with your stay if you stay with the on-site management company, Destin Realty. If you are not staying with Destin Realty skip down to "What If I Am Not Staying with Destin Realty?" But, if you are staying with Destin Realty, then find the attendant at the beach access behind Coral Reef Club. He will ask for your name, which unit you are occupying, and what equipment you will need. After you give him/her the details, they will direct you to open sets and help you with any extra gear you may need like paddle boards and kayaks. If you require more than an extra set, he/she will provide your needs to the front desk and they will bill you for extra gear at the end of your stay or at the end of that day.

What If I Am Not Staying with Destin Realty?

At Coral Reef Club, the front office is located near the central beach access. If you are not staying with Destin Realty, make sure you stop by the office before going down to the beach. The person in the Destin Realty office will help set up service for you and require payment upfront. After you pay them, they will provide you with a receipt which you can give to the beach attendant on the sand behind Coral Reef Club. After that, you will have chairs and umbrellas available to you for the duration you requested at the office.

Avoid The Hassle

Renting a beach chair at Coral Reef Club in Destin, Florida doesn't have to be a hassle! Be sure to take the necessary steps ahead of time. By renting through Destin Realty, or stopping by the office before making your way down to the beach you're sure to find your way to a shady beach chair quickly and effortlessly! So go ahead and enjoy soaking up some rays on your next vacation; after all, that's what life's all about! Enjoy your stay!

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