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Why are Winter Sunsets So Awesome?

It’s nothing new to be impressed by the natural beauty of the Destin and South Walton area. On warm, sunny, summer days the clear water and white quartz sandy beaches are the perfect backdrop for social media posts, inspirational quotes, and countless family photos. Our beaches are stunning! Even during the winter time, our area ranks among the most desirable locations for travelers across the United States. Winter travelers come for the warmer winter temperatures and beautiful coastal landscapes. Not to mention the affordability of our local rental rates! But, one undersold benefit of the winter season is the absolutely stunning winter sunsets. Have you ever wondered why winter sunsets are so awesome? If so, you’re not alone!

“Check out the big brains on Brad!”

Recently, I was scrolling through my facebook feed and saw a flurry of winter sunset posts. One post filmed a sunset that completely blew up with an orange sky. It blew my mind! Why are winter sunsets so awesome? I spend pretty much my entire life on the beach, and have noticed but never appreciated the incredible winter sunsets we see here. I did some research and found the answer. The tilt of the earth. According to NASA, the tilt of the earth is responsible for the seasonal difference between winter and summer (you’re welcome). The tilt of the earth causes summer sunsets to occur over the land, but winter sunsets occur over the Gulf. But, the tilt also changes the angle at which the sunlight reaches the earth.

Graphics explaining how the tilt of the earth affects the sunset in Destin, Miramar Beach, 30A and the Earth :)

Image from NASA Spaceplace Blog

How the light comes through the atmosphere directly impacts the color light we see with our eyes! Couple that with having a clearer and crisper air and you get prime sunsets. Our friends at the NOAA and the Weather Channel take it a step further and say that winter is primo sunset time because pollen, dust and pollution levels are typically down offering greater visibility and less light diffusion. For everyone who thinks like me, “less garbage in the air means you can see the sunset even better.”

Get it While it’s Cold… or Hot

So, why are winter sunsets so awesome? The quick answer: science. The fun answer: because our area is awesome and you should come down here more often. These primo sunsets will be available through March, but that doesn’t mean that you should only check them out during the winter. Our beaches are always beautiful, and the trade off from beautiful sunsets is warmer temps and longer days. Starting in March, the sun hits our area more directly and the temps will begin to climb again. With it, the sun will set later leading up to the summer solstice. So whether you are coming in the winter, spring, summer or fall you should maximize your time on the beach and enjoy all that our area has to offer. If you are interested in doing that kind of thing, consider beach chairs and a beach bonfire with Excel Beach Service. We can help you extend your beach time, and vacation time through our services. Not to mention help you and your favorite people enjoy a little more beach time, and some incredible sunsets.

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