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How Do I Rent Beach Chairs in Destin, Florida?

If you’ve ever visited the beaches in Destin, Florida before, I don’t have to tell you how incredible they are. I also don’t have to tell you how important it is to secure your spot early! Our beaches are gorgeous but they aren’t gigantic and they are getting  more popular each year. As more people come down, the less free space there is on the beach. By mid morning, there could be little room left to spread out. That being the case, you gotta get a spot early! The best way to do that – unless you wake up as early as I do to go set up beach chairs – is through a professional beach service. The question is, how to do that. “How do I rent beach chairs in Destin, Florida?

How to secure beach service is something that my friends in the rental industry hear all the time. In the next section we’ll answer two questions posed by first time renters in the area. “Who do I call?” “Where do I go?”

Who Ya Gonna Call?

(Admit it. That made you hear the Ghostbusters’ theme song in your head.)

If the property you have rented does not have beach service, or if it does not have enough set-ups for your group you will want to call Excel so that we can provide you with beach chairs and umbrellas. While an internet search will elicit a number of results, when you find the listing for Excel Beach Service make sure that you click on the link to our website. From, follow the links to rent beach chairs, when you do so you will be directed to our rental site That page will guide you through the online rental process and one of our beach service professionals will reach out to you shortly with confirmation and details.

Now, for those of you who like to reserve over the phone. For you folks, call me. My number is listed all over the website, 850.420.8062. I’ll make sure that we direct you to one of our beaches and get you into some great chairs on the Gulf of Mexico beach.

Where Do I Go?

Excel currently services several beaches across the Destin and South Walton area. We currently serve Destin, Crystal Beach, Miramar Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach with more locations coming. For directions to our locations you can visit our Locations page or call or email me.

I look forward to seeing you on the beach!


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