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Can I Rent Beach Chairs in Miramar Beach?

Can I Rent Beach Chairs in Miramar Beach?

If you’ve been to Miramar Beach or Destin in the summer or the late spring / early fall then you know as well as most that these beaches are two things. The beaches in Destin and Miramar Beach are gorgeous. And, they are very popular. Also, if you’re like me when you travel you bring the family and don’t necessarily want to haul a bunch of stuff around. Especially heavy beach chairs and umbrellas. So if you don’t already know you’ve probably wondered, “Can I rent Beach Chairs in Miramar Beach or Destin?” And the answer is … you may have to.

What is HB631 and why do I care?

With HB631 taking effect July 1 of this year, the beach area in which the public has access has been reduced. What I mean, is that the public used to have access to the beach behind gulf front houses and condominiums in the Destin and Miramar Beach area. But, that is no longer the case. Now, the beach is restricted to public access boundaries, and that means that there is less space for everyone to spread out. As a result, the areas behind public beach accesses are getting very… congested.

Can I rent beach chairs in Miramar Beach?

So, to get back to the question of, “Can I rent beach chairs in Miramar Beach or Destin?” With more people on a smaller area of the beach the answer is yes, and make sure you do it before getting down here. By calling ahead and reserving your beach chairs you’re giving yourself the opportunity to relax. Let your beach chair company (cough* Excel Beach Service *cough) get up early and set the beach chairs and umbrellas up for you. Just because the beaches are a little more crowded doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a spot with a view of the water – or as close as possible! By getting there early and beating the crowds we save you a prime spot. Even though the beaches may be crowded the experience doesn’t have to be hampered!

Call Excel Beach Service today to rent your chairs and umbrellas in the Miramar Beach area. We service several locations and would be happy to put a set out for you. 850.420.8062 or 901.651.2069

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