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Beach Service Delivery

You found the perfect place. Right number of bedrooms. Right appointments in the key areas. Kitchen? On point. Living areas? Nailed it. Pool? Yep. Game room? OK. And a view that will supply the perfect backdrop for your facebook and instagram feed over the next seven days. Every friend or family member has a great room too. It’s all good! Well, almost. What about beach service? Does it have chairs and umbrellas on the beach? You’re going to spend a good amount of time down on the sand – it’s the entire reason you’re here. If it doesn’t have beach service will you be able to get it behind the property – nearby? You can – we deliver

If you’re staying in Destin, Miramar Beach, or along 30-A you should call Excel Beach Service today. We can deliver to any public beach access or behind your property. Spend your time on the beach – on the beach. Don’t spend it on the phone looking for chairs or umbrellas – call us today!

If you own a beach property, did you know that beach service not only increases the marketability of your property – it increases revenue in a number of ways. If you are a CAM, board member, or resident in a community in need of beach management let us partner with you and provide an unparalleled service to your homeowners. As a former CAM, Chris can provide real answers and real solutions – and save you time and make you money!

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