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Beach Bonfires Are Back*

In the Walton County Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, held yesterday in Defuniak, the commissioners decided to reinstate beach bonfires in Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach and the rest of South Walton. Effective immediately, all reputable vendors are allowed to provide the service provided they attain the proper permits. In short, beach bonfires are back*.

So.. why the asterisk? Can we have beach bonfires? Yes, but with COVID19 protective measures. As with all beach and public activity, non-household sharing parties must remain 6 feet apart. Also, all groups must limit their size to 10 people or less, as recommended by the CDC. If you have a group larger than 10 people, you will have to get creative and allow for proper spacing. Exactly how they will enforce this is yet to be seen, but its safe to assume they will rely on Walton County Code Enforcement and routine inspections. This is nothing new.

Since Beach Bonfires are Back*, we will begin offering our services effective immediately! IF you and your favorite people want to have a bonfire on the beach call or message us today. We can take care of the permitting process with SWFD or the Tourist Development Council for you. And, when you and your group are done we will clean up afterward.

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