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Are the Beaches Open in Perdido Key, FL?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Beginning spring 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic resulted in numerous hospitalizations on a global scale. As a reaction to the staggering statistics, shelter in place orders were issued across the United States, and in Florida travel was restricted until May of that year. Then, on September 16th, Hurricane Sally made landfall on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama (just a few miles west of Perdido Key). Bringing torrential rains, high winds and a freshwater storm surge to the area and causing several structural damages to vacation rentals in the area. But, in spite of these glaring obstacles the beaches in Perdido Key remain open.

Visitors and guests are welcome to visit the sun soaked sandy beaches of Perdido Key and enjoy all the amenities they offer. Visitors and residents are encouraged to follow all CDC guidelines with regards to face coverings and practice appropriate social distancing protocols. Also, all vacation rentals and restaurants in the area are open and permitted to operate at 100% capacity. Similarly, bars and nightclubs in Escambia County open and ready for business.

You may find plexiglass barriers at check in desks or in public places; the area is open for business and ready to host your vacation or work trip. When you travel to the Palacio Condominiums in Perdido Key, we look forward to serving you. We offer a premium beach chair rental service immediately behind the Palacio. To reserve your beach chairs please call us today!

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